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Staff Spotlight: Lynsday Peters

Staff Spotlight: Lynsday Peters

img_8619Staff Spotlight: Lynsday Peters

Lynsday loves connecting with the community, and always welcomes everyone with a warm smile! We love having her here, and want to give you the chance to know her better!

How long have you worked here?

Since last February, so like 8 or 9 months.

What is your favorite part of working here?

That it is such a family feel between all of the businesses. There is the Bakery, the Baristas, and everybody over at the Roasters, and everybody just gets along really like a family, and it’s just a really fun environment to come to everyday.

Do you feel working here has connected you more with this community?

Absolutely! When I moved out here a couple years ago, I commuted to Marysville, and every day, I would just commute from Marysville to home, and I didn’t know anybody. and my life was all about work. Since I’ve started working here at the Marketplace; I feel like I’ve met my neighbors here, and I have become friends with a lot of the locals. I love to see when people come in here, like Bev and Bill (O’Dannel). It has definitely really connected me with the community.

What is your favorite thing to do in the area?

Probably walk the beaches. I love to go to the beach over by the Inn, or Iverson and look for driftwood and rocks, because I do a lot of arts and crafts at home. 


What is something about yourself that most people do not know?

I have been an extra in a few movies! What movies? So there is this one called 7 minutes and it’s kind of like a heist thriller movie that took place between Arlington and Everett. There is a scene where they are at a football game, and I was in the crowd. It was filmed in Haller Middle School.

Then there is another movie, 21 and Over, which was filmed partially at UW, and it’s about this kids 21st birthday, and his friends and him are getting crazy on his birthday. There is pep rally scene with a big bison and huge bon fire. That scene, we filmed from like 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM.

What are you most looking forward to in the future?

Growth with this company.While I work out here with this company, my boyfriend and I have started looking at real estate, and we’ve decided to set down roots here on the island. So I’m really excited to buy a house, and continue to grow with this company, as well as build relationships and friendships with all of the people here.

Thank you for reading! And if you haven’t already, come visit us and join our 2-Pound Punch Card Club here at the Marketplace! You get a free 16 oz mocha with each punch on the card!

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